The CPA adds value to the members and to the industry through the work programmes which are approved by the Board of Directors of the CPA. These programmes cover the following activities:

  • A source of expert advice including authoritative science and technology through networking, best practices and guidelines
  • Information dissemination through a daily communiqué on grain prices and a financial summary, the six-weekly Newsletter Things to Crow About, various technical events and the interactive website and social media
  • National, regional and international representation and advocacy on matters that affect the industry
  • An award scheme that is now being introduced
  • The preparation of reference manuals on the regional industry. The last was done in 2004 and this is now being updated.. The plan is to issue this document biennially.
  • Raising funds for activities

The main benefits of the CPA to its membership are:

  1. Access to scientific and technological knowledge, expertise and best practices
  2. Services, workshops, conferences and seminars
  3. Advocacy at national, regional & international levels
  4. Preparation of regional standards
  5. Involvement in collaboration
  6. Educational information
  7. Defence of the industry
  8. Promotion to Governments and to the public
  9. Daily grain price and financial communiqué
  10. Near-monthly newsletter, Things to Crow About, to keep our members up-to-date on regional and international information, highlight regional developments and allow our members a place and opportunity to think about current issues.
  11. Website and social media interactions

The CPA also offers benefits to Governments:

  1. A ready source of information on the poultry industry to assist in policy making
  2. Provision of technical expertise and knowledge
  3. Networking for best practices and guidelines
  4. Preparation of standards

There are also benefits to our regional publics, academia and the international fraternity through the dissemination of non-proprietary information on the Caribbean industry.

In summary, the Caribbean Poultry Association is the representative poultry organization that seeks to promote and advance the interests of all stakeholders in the industry.

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